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Port Antonio

Two male Portland natives standing along a dirt road lined with palm trees, near the coastal town of Port Antonio.

Palms and thatch to beautify corner King and Tower Streets

Palm trees decorating the garden at the corner of King and Tower Streets. The Supreme Court building can also be viewed.

Train lines damaged after earthquake, outside tank, Port Royal

Men standing by a section of a railway in Port Royal that has been uprooted from the earth by the 1907 earthquake. in 1907. Fallen buildings and debris can also be seen in the background.

A farm showing banana and coconut trees

Banana, coconut and other trees and plants on a farm.

The Keyhole rock

Sketch of an eroded rock by a seaside in Jamaica. A man can be seen fishing near the rocky area, and a building can be seen in the background.
From a sketch by L.A. Wilcox.

Irwin Park

A section of the Irwin Park garden in Montego Bay, showing birds in a cage by a large pond and walking trail.