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Owlets in the nest

Photograph of two young owls in a nest.

A flock of black-neck stilts in the Palisadoes

"A flock of black-necked stilts (Himantopus Mexicanus) photographed in the Palisadoes area. The birds, which are very good waders, are extremely graceful in flight with the neck only slightly extended and the legs shifting in rudderlike manner as the…

Hummingbird being fed

A hummingbird perched on a finger as it is being fed a liquid form a bottle.

Final touches to a pair of porcelain sake falcons

"The finishing touches are put to a pair of porcelain Saker falcons being made by a small company in the English Midlands, prior to their export to the Middle East.
The Saker falcon originated in Eastern Europe and Asia and, like the hawk and the…

Jamaica parrot

Painting of the yellow-billed parrot (amazona collaria).

8 1/2" x 6". col. lithograph

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Irwin Park

A section of the Irwin Park garden in Montego Bay, showing birds in a cage by a large pond and walking trail.