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Michael Holding

Jamaican cricketer, Michael Holding, bowling during a cricket match.

A visitor examining one of the guns at the now ruined Fort Charles Port Royal

A female visitor examining a gun at Fort Charles ruins in Port Royal.

Rev. Isaac Lopez

A drawing of Reverend Isaac Lopez standing behind the pulpit and wearing a religious gown.

Method of excavation used at Port Royal after 1692

Diagram showing the method of excavation used at Port Royal after the 1692 earthquake.

Frank Borman

"Prime Minister Michael Manley and Eastern Airlines chief executive and former astronaut Frank Borman at the Third Caribbean Tourism Conference in Ocho Rios this week. Both Mr. Manley and Mr. Borman addressed the opening session of the…

Frank Borman

Frank Borman shaking hands with a gentlemen, with other men standing behind them.