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Leyland tipper truck

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"During the heavy rains yesterday, this Leyland tipper truck owned by Kenneth Chen and driven by Wilfred Williams of 58 Molynes Road, was damaged beyond repairs when part of the roadway on Mountain View Avenue caved in. The vehicle has to be written…

Damaged Volkswagen car

"The driver of this Volkswagen car was hospitalized yesterday morning after the vehicle was involved in an accident with a yellow cab taxi at the intersection of Half Way Tree Road and Oxford Road in Kingston."

Crashed car on Old Hope Road

"Remains of a car that ran into a house on 52 Old Hope Road."

Overturned car in Edgewater, St. Catherine

"This motorcar skidded on the Edgewater main road Saturday morning and ended up on its top. The driver, the sole occupant, was injured."

Truck in Clamstead District gully

"Both driver and sideman escaped with out slight injuries when this truck got out of control and ended up in the gully at Clamstead District near Lime Hall in St. Ann last Tuesday. Owned by Athol B. Chin Trucking and Tractor Service in Montego Bay,…

Vehicles destroyed by fire

"The remains of a car and a bus which were destroyed by fire after a collision on the Rockfort Road on Saturday night. Reports are that the car was pushed off the road by the bus, and that the crew from the bus disappeared from the scene of the…

Accident along Washington Boulevard

"Taxi collided with truck along Washington Boulevard."

Mangled Vauxhall Victor motor car

"Sunday morning death: This Vauxhall Victor motor car brought death to Aston Lloyd Grey, its driver and only occupant after it blew a tyre while negotiating the Marescaux Road and Caledonia Avenue Avenue corner near Cross Roads about 11:00 yesterday…

Crashed motorcar along Mountain View Avenue

"A serious matter - it was C-H-E-E-S-E for some of these youngsters to get themselves in the picture when our photographer happened upon this crashed motorcar along Mountain View Avenue on Saturday night. But it was by no means a laughing matter for…