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Chelsea Avenue (Kingston)

"Chelsea Avenue was one of the first roads reported to be flooded recently as rains from Hurricane Katrina pelted the island. A Volkswagen is seen trying to make its way through the water at the intersection of Chelsea Avenue and Half-Way Tree Road."

Central Village, St. Catherine

"Picking their way: Yesterday afternoon was one of the few occasions since last week on which Cleveland Butler and members of his household have left their home. The entrance to the yard in the Little Lane area of Central Village had been under many…

Floods, Jamaica

"Closer...closer...a section of of the wall which was washed away by the flood. Arrow shows where foundation of a house is washed away, leaving the building perched precariously."

Floods, Jamaica

"And the rains came. And when the rains were over, Jamaica began to count its dead, to calculate the coast of the damage to its crops, its roads, its housing and the cost in human effort destroyed and wasted."

Truck accident

Police and spectators on the scene of an accident involving a truck.

Crash at the intersection of Cargill Avenue

"Collision - one person was injured and treated at the Medical Associates Hospital on Saturday afternoon following the collision of a Cortina and a Valiant motor car at the intersection of Cargill Avenue and Half Way Tree Road. Both vehicles were…