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Knives and guns etc.

"Knives, guns, chillum pipes, ice-picks - all seized by police."

Prime Minister Michael Manley stepping with supporters

"Stepping: Prime Minister, Michael Manley [centre] stepping with supporters as he arrived to hand in his nomination yesterday. Mr. Manley, the second of two candidates to be nominated for the East Central Kingston constituency in subdued tones wished…

Michael Manley on nomination day

Michael Manley and group of men overlooking document on nomination day.

Honourable Michael Manley, Prime Minister shaking hands with a section of the people during his address in Port Maria

"Prime Minister Addresses Public Meeting at Port Maria: Honourable Michael Manley, Prime Minister, (centre) shaking hands with a section of the people whom he addressed in Port Maria last Thursday night. The address followed a day's touring of East…

Opposition leader, Edward Seaga casting ballot at Half Way Tree Primary School

"Opposition leader Edward Seaga, [right] places his finger under the integrity kit before casting his ballot at the Half Way Tree Primary School Thursday morning. His wife looks on."

Bob Marley performing at concert

"Bob Marley pointing, exhorts the huge throng to "Get Up, Stand Up For Your Rights' at Sunday's concert."

Bob Marley's casket at Tuff Gong Studios

"The casket at Marley's Tuff Gong Studios on Hope Road on the way to the official funeral for the superstar."

Rita Marley and children with Edward Seaga

Rita Marley along with her sons Stephen Marley and David "Ziggy" Marley in an informal meeting with Edward Seaga.