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Mayor Cecil Charlton and Rose Thomas dancing

"I'm in a dancing mood: Mayor Cecil Charlton along with Ms. Rose Thomas dancing their way into the hearts of a large audience at the recent Police Public Relations PRogramme at the Manchester High School grounds. Infectious music for the occasion is…

The new chairman of the National Water Commission, Cecil Charlton

"NATIONAL WATER COMMISSION GAVEL CHANGES HAND:The new Chairman of the National Water Commission, Cecil Charlton, smiles broadly as he accepts the gavel, the symbolic instrument of authority, from out-going Chairman Lloyd Logan, at the first meeting…

Mayor Charlton shakes Mr. Glasspole's hands

"Mandeville's Mayor Cecil Charlton bows and Shakes Mr. Glasspole's hands as he is made Commander of the Order of Distinction."

Mayor Cecil Charlton sitting at head table

"At head table, L/R: Mr. E. A. Fletcher, Secretary/Manager of Jamaica 4-H Clubs; Canon W. O, Meally; Mayor Cecil Charlton; Mr. L. K. Swaby, Chairman; Dr. Douglas Manley, Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth & Community Development; Mrs. Daisy…

Mayor Cecil Charlton

Cecil Charlton, Mayor of Mandeville, in his office.

Mayor Eric Sanderman and Cecil Charlton talking

"Hey! What are they talking about? Mandeville's Eric Sanderman is the man at right. The camera candidly caught him in conversation with formers Mandeville First Citizen Cecil Charlton. Occasion was a United Nations Association of Jamaica [UNAJ]…

Clover Allen on phone

Young woman having a telephone conversation in her office.

Manley, Michael - 1924-1997

Guyana's Prime Minister photographed having a drink beside Jamaica's Prime Minister, Michael Manley.

Mayor Charlton in Port-of-Spain (Trinidad)

"The Mayor of Mandeville Councillor, Cecil C. Charlton was the guest of the Mayor of Port of Spain (Trinidad) when he attended the 1978 Carnival. Picture shows the Mayor visiting the Mayors Parlour (Mayor Clive McCollins) as he inspected the Mayor's…

Mayor Cecil Charlton speaking

Cecil Charlton addressing guests at a function.