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Lord Elgin

Lord James Bruce Elgin, 8th Earl of Elgin and Governor General of Canada.

The Bog Walk

Print showing a woman walking with two young children on the dirt road at Bog Walk, and men directing oxen carrying loads.

Book mobile from Jamaica Library Service

Persons standing by one of the entrances of the Jamaica Library Service's inaugural book mobile service.

Manchester Parish Library

The original site of the Manchester Parish Library one of the first to be included in the island's free library service.

Building which first housed the Portland Parish Library

"The building which first housed the Portland Parish Library - one of the first to be included in the island wide free library service."
Other business places on the property include: St. Anthony's Credit Union; Court Rose of Portland; Loyal Rose…

Manchester Parish Library

Two-storey building housing the Manchester Parish LIbrary, located along Main Street in capital city Mandeville.

The Headquarters of The Jamaica Library Service, Kingston

Front view of the Jamaica Library Service Headquarters - The Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library.