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Bauxite industry waste (Red Mud), Mount Diablo, St. Catherine

Bauxite mud pond at Mount Diablo in St. Catherine.

Bauxite industry near Ewarton, St. Catherine, from the year

Aerial view of bauxite plant near Ewarton.

Bath Spa, St. Thomas

The house at Bath Mineral Spa in St. Thomas, Jamaica. It is now known as the Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa.

Barracks, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

The old Military Barracks in Spanish Town that was built in 1791 to house soldiers and officers. The building has been abandoned and is surrounded by heavy vegetation.

Bamboo Avenue, St. Elizabeth

Bambusa Vulgaris - a specie of bamboo plants lining a road between Middle Quarters and Lacovia in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

Bamboo Avenue, St. Elizabeth

A stretch of road lined with bamboos known as Bamboo Avenue, located between Lacovia and Middle Quarters in St. Elizabeth. A car is parked along the road.

Ballards Valley, St. Elizabeth; mulching

Mulching on farmlands in Ballards Valley, St. Elizabeth. In the distance are houses in the sparsely populated community.

Arntully Great House wall

Algae on the stone wall at the Arntully Great House.

Arntully Great House, St. Thomas

Front view of the Arntully Great House in St. Thomas.

Arntully Great House & Coffee Barbecues

The coffee barbecues and great house on the Arntully Coffee Plantation.