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Bridge on Old Harbour Road

"Price of indecision: The driver of this taxi received several injuries when he rammed the bridge on Old Harbour Road Sunday. The bridge forms a dual driveway, with vehicles approaching Spanish Town travelling on the left, and vehicles going in the…

Kent Village near Bog Walk

"The path of death: The photograph at right shows the path taken by the Ford truck after it collided with a Chevrolet motor car on Sunday at Kent Village near Bog Walk, while above is spot where the vehicle came to rest. Two people, Private Balford…

Injured accident victim

An injured accident being transported in the back of a truck.

Collision at Half Way Tree Road and Oxford Road intersection

"No prizes if you got it right: It's that intersection again! On Tuesday the intersection of Half Way Tree Road on Oxford Road was the scene of a two vehicle collision. And yesterday two other cars were back at it. The intersection has been growing…

Accident on East Trafalgar Road

"East Trafalgar Road in New Kingston was blocked for some time on Saturday night when a Cortina motor-car owned by Dennis Brown crashed into a Ford truck owned by Clifford Richards of Williamsfield, Manchester and driven by Ralph Nembhard at about…

Traffic accident victim

Onlookers stand by as a policeman and two other men help to lift an accident victim into a car.

Three-way accident on the Causeway

"Another Causeway smash: at least three people were injured - one seriously - in a three-way accident on the Causeway Monday night. Witnesses said that at about 9:00 pm. the Austin motor car (bottom) had just overtaken the Toyota station wagon (top…

Damaged car

Minor damage to a Chevrolet motorcar following a road accident.

Overturned bus on Spanish Town Road

"This bus overturned on the Spanish Town-Kingston Highway, Sunday, October 14. Six of the 30 passengers were injured."

Damaged house at Long Lane

"In the wrong place: as if wondering, "why this had to happen?" members of a St. Andrew household are seen looking at the 8-ton truck which crashed into their house along Long Lane early yesterday morning. Reports said the truck was travelling south…