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Charles Phillips fertilized garden

"Total concept: After using pig manure to make cooking gas Charles Phillips fertilises his garden with the residue. On Saturday this garden nearby the piggery was a lush and verdant green. Running across the picture is the wire which carries the…

The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment

" 'Fauning' over flora: The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment hardly has room for people. Her potted plants have taken over, and now they're even invading the living area.
The place is a profusion of staghorn fern, baby's breath, palm,…

KSAC beautification programme along Tom Redcam Drive

"Beautification: The KSAC's beautification programme along Tom Redcam Drive had been set back by the recent drought. But with the coming of the rains and the water restrictions now lifted, the work is again in full swing. Here an Impact Programme…

A typical bungalow, Buff Bay, Portland

Man sitting with his legs crossed relaxes in the sitting area of a bungalow in Buff Bay, Portland.

Irwin Park

A section of the Irwin Park garden in Montego Bay, showing birds in a cage by a large pond and walking trail.

Irwin Park staff

"Rake & Machete: And so the Gardens were built. Over the past six months, months more than 1,000 workers, most like nursery helper Hyacinth Rickett and gardener William Heath, using only basic garden tools, have transformed an 80-acre site in the…

Irwin Park Crafts Village

"Dining Pavilion: Jamaican Snacks will be available at the main dining pavillon in The Craft Village and at food kiosks around the property, and picnic facilities at a beautiful corner of the garden set aside as a 7 - acre community park."


A picture of a red poinsettia.

Beresford 'Jungle' Jarrett

"Energetic, enterprising Ras "Jungle" (Beresford Jarrett) who does pottery, grows decorative plants, vegetables and ground provisions and raises ducks. "I want society to know I really try," he says. "You have to sow before you can reap." "