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Straw stalls of the Victoria Crafts Market

Buyers and a visitors' guide (left foreground) at the straw stalls at the Victoria Craft Market (now Kingston Craft Market).

Straw market - Victoria Craft Market

Section inside the Victoria Craft Market (now Kingston Craft Market) showing craft items made of straw.

Shoppers at the Victoria Craft Market

Shoppers by the water fountain in the Victoria Craft Market in Kingston, Jamaica.

Victoria Crafts Market

A front view of Downtown Kingston's Victoria Crafts Market with cars parked nearby.

Irwin Park Crafts Village

"Dining Pavilion: Jamaican Snacks will be available at the main dining pavillon in The Craft Village and at food kiosks around the property, and picnic facilities at a beautiful corner of the garden set aside as a 7 - acre community park."