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JOS bus at Cross Roads

A mother and her young children waiting on a Jamaica Omnibus Services bus at Cross Roads, Kingston.

Number 24 JOS terminus

"The No. 24 Terminus for 'Jolly Joe' at Hillside Crescent, Rennock Lodge. In the background is the Cement Factory. To the left, an uninhabited section of the Wareika Hills. The Rennock Lodge Youth Centre is out of sight, on the left."

Jamaica Omnibus Service buses

"Phasing out - the familiar "Jolly Joseph" on the streets of Kingston will be going out of business if present plans are carried through to finality. Its franchise will be shared up."

JOS workers

"Confrontation - riot squad policeman and striking JOS workers at the Industrial Terrace Depot yesterday."

Bus crash at Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road

"Three of the 52 passengers on this bus were taken to hospital yesterday after the vehicle left the road and crashed into the fence of the Ministry of Housing's legal office at the corner of Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road. The accident…

Victoria Battery, Port Royal

A view of the partially sunken cartridge store in Port Royal, Jamaica.

Train lines damaged after earthquake, outside tank, Port Royal

Men standing by a section of a railway in Port Royal that has been uprooted from the earth by the 1907 earthquake. in 1907. Fallen buildings and debris can also be seen in the background.

Smith shop and workshop Port Royal, after earthquake

Photograph showing a building with broken windows, cracked walls and other structural damages, from the 1907 earthquake in Port Royal, Kingston.

Structure partly submerged after 1907 earthquake, Port Royal

Photograph of a structure that became partially submerged in the sea after the 1907 earthquake. Two men are standing on the shore and one is sitting on the structure.