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Live L!fe [life] & Love

Artists - Charl Baker, Fabian WhiteLocation: Water Lane/Duke Street, KingstonDate: December 1, 2021Description - "This mural highlights the need to act with Love, Kindness and Support towards persons living with HIV and AIDs. It tells stories of the…

Stand Up for Country

Artists: Bonito Thompson, Errol Keane and Sekani Daniel Location: Hannah Town, KingstonYear: 2021Description: "The mural represents a call for trust, and re-imagining and redefining what it means to be a good citizen, with positive images of everyday…

Harbour Street, Kingston

4" x 6". engraving.

Note on back: This print appears to be King Street, not Harbour Street. Compare with Duperly's "View of Harbour Street."

The Headquarters of The Jamaica Library Service, Kingston

Front view of the Jamaica Library Service Headquarters - The Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library.

A traffic warden leaving a warning note for a motorist who has parked against the flow of traffic

"Traffic breach: A traffic warden leaving a warning note for a motorist who has parked against the flow of traffic. This is a breach of the traffic regulations."

Raw sewage on the intersection of Beckford and West Street in Kingston

" 'How long?' That is the question people facing the stink at this intersection of Beckford and West Streets in Kingston have been asking. For months now a sewer main has been malfunctioning. The road surface is eroded and the many mini-lakes give…

Huge pothole at the corner of King & Tower Street

"This is not a downtown oasis but a huge pot hole at the corner of King and Tower Streets. It has so far failed to attract the attention of the KSAC whose headquarters is only two short blocks away."

K.S.A.C demolished stalls in South Parade Downtown, Kingston

"Demolished: A KSAC bulldozer demolishing vendors shacks at South Parade yesterday, clearing the way for the relocation of the sidewalk vendors in the arcade at the Church and Laws Streets, downtown Kingston."

West India Islands

Map of islands in the West Indies. Included on the map are: a Seal of Jamaica; Kingston, Jamaica, from the Commercial Rooms; vessels out at sea; and two peasants.