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Road in Victoria Park facing North Parade

Road leading from Victoria Park to North Parade. In view are parked buses and a water fountain in which some children are splashing.

Return of Colonel Madden's detachment. View of Harbour St. Kingston

Scene at Harbour Street, Kingston, where a large crowd is gathered in celebration of the return of Colonel Addem's detachment.

Principal street in Port Antonio

Busy scene along main road in Port Antonio, Portland. Signs of business places such as: Burke's Bodega; John Francis Groceries & Provision Dealer as well as a dispensary, watchmaker and jeweller can be seen.

Scene in Mandeville

Large crown gathered in the Mandeville Square, Manchester.

Street view - Kingston, Jamaica

People gathered under a large tree in the busy town of Kingston, Jamaica.

Street in Port Antonio

Street scene in the town of Port Antonio, Portland. The American Cigar Store, David Cato and Co. as well as the wholesale and retail store, D.A. Carter General Dealer, are located along the street.