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Ministry of Health vehicles on Washington Boulevard

d_0011031_two_moh_vehicles_washington _blvd.jpg
"Two of the Ministry of Health vehicles seen in a garage on Washington Boulevard."

A mangled wreck

"You'd have a difficult task discovering the make of this mangled wreck."

Crashed station wagon

"Aston Swaby was admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital yesterday in a serious condition after the station wagon he was driving crashed into this building along Molynes Road near Andrew Park."

Car wreck

"Bottoms up! But nothing of cheer here."

Car plunged in gully

"Gully plunged: A policeman gets details from the license disc of a Buick Skylark which plummeted off this bridge at about 11:45 am yesterday. The car was going north along Red Hills Road when it got out of control and slammed into the bridge near…

Accident on Rockfort Road

"This motorcar skidded on the wet road while travelling from Harbour View and landed in the harbour in front of Flour Mills on the Rockfort Road. Here it is shown as a wrecker pulls it out. The driver Trevor Brown of Stony Hill was unhurt."

Car versus pole

A car that has been damaged after crashing into a lamppost.

Destroyed bus shed

"Another bus shed gone: Another bus shed in the Corporate Area was destroyed when this car crashed into the shed along Mountain View Avenue Tuesday afternoon. Driver Leslie Brown said he swerved to avoid crashing in the back of a JOS bus and crashed…

Road accident

Mangled remains of a vehicle involved in a traffic accident.

Harbour Street ca. 1960

d_0009937_harbour street_1960.jpg
A photograph showing a truck, cars, pedestrians and a number 2 bus [Harbour View East/City Centre route], travelling along Harbour Street. Business places such as 'Pauls', 'East Indian Bazaar', 'Barclays Bank' and 'Levy Brothers Electrical Ltd' are…