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Bus-car accident

"Bus-car accident: Two people were admitted to hospital following an accident involving a JOS bus and a Chevelle motorcar along the Half Way Tree Road early yesterday. Reports said the bus was being driven by Albert Wright of Maxfield Avenue ran into…

JOS bus and motorcyle crash

"The riders of the Honda S90 motorcycle escaped with their lives last night after their machine crashed into this JOS bus."

JOS bus and tanker crash at Ferry

"This JOS bus was extensively damaged when it struck a tanker at Ferry on Tuesday night. The Daily News was informed that the tanker was parked when the accident occurred. No one was reported seriously hurt in the accident."

Minibus accident on St. Thomas road

"Bang on Bessie: A man leans to assist a woman out of this minibus [above] through the space once occupied by the windshield, shortly after the vehicle mounted a bank and overturned near Eleven Miles on the St. Thomas Road yesterday. The cow which…

Accident on bridge east of Port Antonio

"This bridge just over a mile, east of Port Antonio is said to have demolished more cars, than any other bridge in Jamaica. Its latest victim was this NC 1009 owned by Martins Car-Rental, and driven by American tourist Marvin of 1298 N.W. 10th…

Buick motorcar in ditch along Spanish Town road

"A grave situation: when last did you have the opportunity to really study the underside of a car? You will have missed a good chance if they move this one today. The men (of all ages) at left, took advantage of the situation yesterday and got a…