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Major traffic accident

A multi vehicle accident in the United States of America with mass casualties, following the collapse of a bridge.

Fatal motor-vehicle accident

"Death crash: Scene along the Causeway in St. Catherine Saturday night after the motor vehicle accident which left four men dead. At left is part of the Volkswagen mini-bus owned by Metal Box Limited and at right the BMC truck which was being driven…

Main road between Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay

"Who needs a wrecker? Not the driver of this car who found that his vehicle had gone off the narrow, it not so straight main road, between Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay on Ash Wednesday. But by the time he had discovered that there was neither…

Truck with garbage

"Late night encounter: A JOS inspector checks damage to his company's vehicle late Friday night after it collided with a parked truck along Constant Spring Road, opposite Kings Plaza. The truck, loaded with garbage from the nearby plazas, had broken…

Accident on Shortwood Road near Stella Maris

"Something went wrong between this truck and Peugeot motor car along Shortwood Road near the Stella Maris Roman Catholic Convent on Tuesday. Details of the mishap were not ascertained but as is evident, the Peugeot was badly damaged."

Three car crash

"Three-car-crash: This Holden Torano motorcar (left) ended up in a ditch yesterday after being the third car hit in a three-car crash along the Constant Spring Road. Reports are that a Vauxhall motor-car travelling towards Half-Way-Tree hit the…

Severed car door

"A lone door, like a severed limb, rests forlornly against the trunk of a tree, near Innswood."

Wrecked Peugeot car

"Death car: remains of the blue Peugeot car along the Marcus Garvey Drive, after its collision with a JOS bus. Three of five men travelling in the car lost their lives."

A mangled wreck

"You'd have a difficult task discovering the make of this mangled wreck."

Crashed station wagon

"Aston Swaby was admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital yesterday in a serious condition after the station wagon he was driving crashed into this building along Molynes Road near Andrew Park."