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Junction Road crash

"The Junction Road was blocked by this accident on Wednesday. Onlookers were unable to say exactly what happened and drivers for both vehicles could not be found when the photographer came upon the scene."

Chicken truck that overturned along Washington Boulevard

"Where are the chickens? That is the question driver Orville Barnett is still asking. He was on his way from Four Paths, Clarendon with a truckload of 2,000 chickens consigned to Caribbean Broilers early yesterday morning when the truck overturned…

Overturned truck in St. Ann

"At a sharp corner one mile from Moneague, St. Ann this truck, leaving Mount Diablo for Ocho Rios, overturned with five people aboard. Wilton Thompson, 15 was killed. His father Lebert, and the driver, 30-year-old George Campbell received minor…

Badly damaged truck

"Crash owner James King, was driven by Hector Jackson, both of Buff Bay."

Crashed truck along Old Harbour Road

"Even this once mighty truck found its final resting place on the Kingston to Old Harbour Road."

Crashed truck

"Truck that crashed into a bus shed along Washington Boulevard."

St. Thomas Parish Council truck

"This St. Thomas Parish Council Truck was being driven by Locksley Morrison of Ceday-Valley District seems could not negotiate the curve at Guddies-Gate on main road from Trinity Ville to Seaforth through Serge Island road recently and was neatly…