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60 ton-tip-lorry for mining

"60 ton-tip-lorry for mining use produced by Changhun no. 1 motor vehicle."


Trucks come to take away diesel engines

"Trucks come to take away diesel engines turned out by a plant run by Honah provinces Hsin-hsiang prefecture."

Reynolds Mines

Bus loads of patrons gather under tents on the grounds of Reynolds Mines in St. Mary, Jamaica.

Crashed truck

"Truck that crashed into a bus shed along Washington Boulevard."

St. Thomas Parish Council truck

"This St. Thomas Parish Council Truck was being driven by Locksley Morrison of Ceday-Valley District seems could not negotiate the curve at Guddies-Gate on main road from Trinity Ville to Seaforth through Serge Island road recently and was neatly…

Wreckage of plane and truck

"Wreckage of U.S. plane and truck which failed to survive Bay of Pigs disaster. They are on exhibit at Playa Giron."

Delivery truck accident

"Food truck accident: the truck here was carrying a load of fertiliser from Kingston to Hanover when it overturned at Berrydale in Clarendon on Monday night. According to driver Bernette McPherson of Lucea the truck developed a brake problem, got out…

Truck crash along Molynes and Dunbarton intersection

"Cliff-hanger: the truck here provided quite a spectacle for viewers along Molynes Road at the intersection of Dunbarton yesterday afternoon when it left the road, took this crazy course across the gully embanking and ended up in this hair-raising…

Overturned Honey Bee bus

"Bus spill: Curious onlookers gather around the Honey Bee bus which jumped gear going down Long Hill near Montego Bay yesterday and overturned. No-one was killed. One of the 60 passengers, Ethel Cooke, was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.…