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Sav-la-mar court house

The Savanna-la-mar Court House, built in 1925 on Great George Street in the Norman Square.

Santa Cruz Court house

The Santa Cruz Courthouse building, before falling into disrepair. The building, over the years, has housed the Santa Cruz police station and Resident Magistrate Court House.

Court House, Bath (St. Thomas in the East)

Lithograph of a scene at the Courthouse in Bath, St. Thomas. A man and woman are talking to the man wearing a white suit and riding a horse. Another man, wearing a blue jacket, is on the horse behind, and two other horses with covered loads are…

The Court House, Port Maria

View of the court house in Port Maria, St. Mary. This Georgian architecture building was built in 1821.

The Court House and Town Hall, Spanish Town

Georgian architecture building in Spanish Town, housing the Courthouse on the lower level and Town Hall on the upper level.

The trial of Bedward

Bedwardites being led from a courthouse by police, at Alexander Bedward's trial.