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Bob Tony and Athenry Gardens viewing the underground at Nonsuch

"Viewing the underground: Bob Toby, owner of the Nonsuch Caves and Athenry Gardens (second from left) is pictured with guide (left) and visitors to the caves as they made a tour. Overhead are the straw-type stalactite formations."

View from the inside Nonsuch Caves

"View of the inside of a cave looking out of its two window-like entrances."

One of the larger caves at Nonsuch

"One of the larger cave dwellings which boast fresh water streams at Nonsuch Caves."

Daniels River Bridge, Portland

Daniels River Bridge, spanning Rio Grande River to Hope Bay in Portland, Jamaica. A man is standing by a parked car, on the bridge.

Bryans Bay Bridge near Port Antonio, December 1917

Two men walking over the Bryans Bay Bridge near Port Antonio, Portland.

Buff Bay River Bridge

Steel bridge over the Buff Bay River in Portland, Jamaica.