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Golden Vale; Portland

A view of Golden Vale, Portland, as seen from the Spring Valley estate.

Building which first housed the Portland Parish Library

"The building which first housed the Portland Parish Library - one of the first to be included in the island wide free library service."
Other business places on the property include: St. Anthony's Credit Union; Court Rose of Portland; Loyal Rose…

Map of Jamaica

Drawing of a map of Jamaica with sketches of Kingston, the Port Royal Harbour, Port Antonio, a Sugar Mill and a flying fish.

On the Rio Grande

Tourists touring on the Rio Grande River in Portland, Jamaica.

Ross Craig great house and yard

View of great house and other small buildings on the Ross Craig grounds in Portland.

Rio Grande Bridge, Portland

Far view of the Rio Grande Bridge taken from a shallow section of the Rio Grande River.

Street in Port Antonio

Street scene in the town of Port Antonio, Portland. The American Cigar Store, David Cato and Co. as well as the wholesale and retail store, D.A. Carter General Dealer, are located along the street.