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May Pen Bridge - Kingston, Jamaica

A view of the May Pen Bridge over Rio Minho in Clarendon, Jamaica. Four young men are standing in the river.

Moneague Lake

This a photograph of the Moneague Lake which features a submerged hut and a man riding in a raft

Jamaica, B.W.I.

Watercolour print taken at a river in Jamaica.

12 3/4" x 9 1/2". water colour.

The Bog Walk

Print showing a woman walking with two young children on the dirt road at Bog Walk, and men directing oxen carrying loads.

Three women washing clothes at a stream

Plasticrome transparency of an oil painting.
The original is the in the collection of A.D. Scott.

Cane River Falls

d_0009173_cave_cane river_yallahs.jpg
Pathway leading to the caves at Cane River Falls in Bull Bay, St. Andrew

Digging and hauling of sand from the Rio Cobre River on the road

"Undermining river control: Digging and hauling of sand from the Rio Cobre bed on the road to Portmore from Spanish Town is a profitable occupation for these trucks and scores of others. But some people have become reckless in their greed and have…

Cane River Falls

d_0009112_Cane River_falls.jpg
A section of the Cane River Falls in Bull Bay, St. Andrew.