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Official funeral service of Robert 'Bob' Nesta Marley

"View outside the National Arena yesterday as the throng of people waited to get into the building to view the body of Bob Marley. Police sources say this is the largest gathering of people ever seen in Jamaica, even bigger than the one at the…

West Indian carnival in London

"A West Indian Carnival in London: A scene during the 10th annual Notting Hill Festival in London. More than 250,000 people gathered in brilliant sunshine to enjoy the excitement of the calypso rhythms and to see the traditional masquerade costumes."…

Opening ceremony for the Edward VII memorial clock tower

Large gathering in Half Way for the opening ceremony of the King Edward VII memorial clocktower in March 1913.

Return of Colonel Madden's detachment. View of Harbour St. Kingston

Scene at Harbour Street, Kingston, where a large crowd is gathered in celebration of the return of Colonel Addem's detachment.

The casket with Garvey's remains along North St. on its way to George VI Memorial Park for interment

Procession marching alongside the casket carrying Marcus Garvey's body. Jamaica Constabulary Force officers are marching with the vehicle and a large crowd of spectators are along the road and at the George VI Memorial Park.

Bodies lying in road, crowds gather

A crowds is formed following a traffic accident in which two persons were killed.

Unveiling of the cenotaph, Church Street, 1923

Scores of citizens and military personnel gather for the official ceremony for the unveiling of the World War Cenotaph on Church Street in Downtown, Kingston, held on Armistice Day on November 11, 1923. It was erected for Jamaican men who lost their…