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Extending the shoreline in Belmont, Westmoreland

"Extending the shoreline: this area of shoreline in Belmont, Westmoreland, has been dumped with marl by the Ministry of Works, in an effort to preserve the Belmont Beach and prevent damage to the roads along the coastline. The next stage in the…

St. George's Anglican Church Savanna-La-Mar

St. George’s Church located on Great George Street in Savanna la Mar, Westmoreland.
From views of churches, rectories and other Diocesan buildings in Jamaica in March 1931.

Roaring River Falls

A view of the Roaring River Falls in Westmoreland, Jamaica. In the bottom left, a man can be seen holding on to one of the trees in the river.

Slight sketch of Caledonia Pen, parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica - quarters of 84th detacht. in 1835

Living quarters in the hills of Caledonia Pen, Westmoreland, for the 84th detachment of the West India Regiment. In the lower left foreground, women are laundry and to the right two men can be seen tending to donkeys and a horse.

Seaford Town

Aerial view of the historic Seaford Town settlement, also known as German Town, in Westmoreland. To the far left is the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, established by the first German settlers in Jamaica.

Westmoreland courthouse, 'Sav-la-mar'

The Savanna-la-mar Courthouse, located on Great George Street in the Norman Square.