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Public officials inspecting building at Savanna-la-mar Public Works Department

"Works Minister, Hon. Sydney Pagon (third from left) during an inspection tour of the Savanna-la-mar Public Works Department recently. Improvement works were undertaken on the office building by the Ministry. Fourth from left is Central Westmoreland…

St. George's Anglican Church Savanna-La-Mar

St. George’s Church located on Great George Street in Savanna la Mar, Westmoreland.
From views of churches, rectories and other Diocesan buildings in Jamaica in March 1931.

Sav-la-mar court house

The Savanna-la-mar Court House, built in 1925 on Great George Street in the Norman Square.

Savana-la-mar - canoes from Bluefields

Men, wearing hats, standing by canoes at a harbour in Bluefields, Westmoreland.

Westmoreland courthouse, 'Sav-la-mar'

The Savanna-la-mar Courthouse, located on Great George Street in the Norman Square.

Washing scene near Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica

Women washing in a river near Savanna-la-mar in Westmoreland, Jamaica.