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Roxborough, Manchester

"The house in which Norman Manley was born in Roxborough, Manchester in 1893. Today, only the foundation remains, as the house has been recently destroyed by fire."

18th century quadrant wharf on the main road in Discovery Bay

d_0011057_18th_century_wharf discovery_bay.jpg
"This 18th century quadrant wharf on the main road in Discovery Bay, has been preserved and maintained by Kaiser Bauxite as an historical landmark. A plaque at the entrance reads: "In 1977 a fort was equipped with cannons as a defence against…

Ruins of Colbeck Castle

"The impressive ruins of Colbeck Castle, two miles from Old Harbour, stands as one of the most elaborate memorials of Jamaica's past. This castle, with dungeons, slave quarters and the bedroom, large halls and ballrooms, typical of wealthy plantation…

Neville Miller pointing to a water hole located at Fair Prospect

"This is a relic from the past. It harks back to the days of slavery. A water hole, it is located at Fair Prospect and was reportedly used to dip slaves to get rid of lice and ticks. It is said that slaves from all over the parish were washed at this…

Historic building in Spanish Town square

"Work on the restoration of historic buildings in the Spanish Town Square is scheduled to begin August 4, and the MP for the area and Parliamentary Secretary int he Ministry of Labour, Granville Williams [centre] toured the Square recently to examine…

Tower at Fair Prospect in Portland

"This is a tower at Fair Prospect in Portland built by slaves during the days when our colonial masters kept them to work on plantations in all parts of the island. Reputed to be over 300 years old, this one was used by the slave master to check on…