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Three-legged pot at Orange Park

d_0009111_three Legged Pot_Orange Park.jpg
A three-legged metal pot on a table at the home of the late Barrington Watson, in Yallahs, St. Thomas.

The barber

A barber grooming his client's hair outside a hut.


People, dressed in formal attire, gather outside a two-storey dwelling for an event.

A badly damaged house in Hanover

Three men stand by a section of a house in Hanover that has been almost completely damaged by earthquake in 1957.

Village in Sankwia, Gambia

A view of the Sankwia village in Gambia, West Africa, showing its villagers and dwellings.

C.O's house, front, after earthquake

Front view of the Commanding Officer's house after the 1907 earthquake; the house appears to be intact.

Originally the Commodores House and later used as R.A. & R.E. Insp. Port Royal

Front view of a two-storey dwelling with a bell tower and two cannons in the front yard.