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Location of Paul Bogle's Chapel

A man points to the site of Paul Bogle's chapel in Stony Gut, St. Thomas. The area is surrounded by thick vegetation.

Amity Hall Great House

A view of the historic Amity Hall Great House [also known as Top Hill], a sugar estate in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Road repairs between Lyssons & Retreat main roads in St. Thomas

"At long last: Road repairs - work has now commenced on the existing bad road surfaces in St. Thomas which had been a cause for complaint among motorists. This stretch of road currently under-going repairs is between Lyssons and Retreat on the main…

Three-legged pot at Orange Park

d_0009111_three Legged Pot_Orange Park.jpg
A three-legged metal pot on a table at the home of the late Barrington Watson, in Yallahs, St. Thomas.

Stony Gut, Morant Bay, today

Man standing amidst trees and shrubs at the historic Stony Gut site in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

Stokes Hall

Drawing of the Stokes Hall Great House in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Stokes Hall

A view of the Stokes Hall Great House in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Court House, Bath (St. Thomas in the East)

Lithograph of a scene at the Courthouse in Bath, St. Thomas. A man and woman are talking to the man wearing a white suit and riding a horse. Another man, wearing a blue jacket, is on the horse behind, and two other horses with covered loads are…