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St. Thomas (Parti af Byen og Haven)

A bird's eye view of Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, taken from a hill overlooking the harbour.

Urbs Domingo in the Hispaniola

Bird's eye view of the port and town of Santo Domingo in Hispaniola.

Perspective view of Roseau in the Island of Dominica in the West Indies

View of Roseau in the island of Dominica in the West Indies. Boats, varying in size, are at sea.
[Engraved for Middleton's Complete System of Geography]

Slaves being rowed to ships waiting off the coast of Africa

Enslaved Africans being taken to ships in boats.

Savanah la mar

Lithograph of Savanna-la-Mar, from J.B. Kidd's "West Indian Scenery. Illustrations of Jamaica".

Trinidad from the Gulf of Paria

A view of the landscape and buildings in a town in Trinidad, as seen from the Gulf of Paria. Boats, varying in size, are at sea.

A colonial harbour

Depiction of a harbour in Jamaica, during colonial times.