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A sunshine girl in her bath suit

A woman photographed walking in her bathing suit, on a the beach by a resort in Jamaica.

The Inn-on-the-Beach Motel and Beach Club, Ocho Rios

"The 46-room Inn-on-the-Beach Motel & Beach Club, just 40 yards from Ocho Rios Beach."

Scouts from schools at Jackson Bay

"Scouts from Campion, Wolmers, St. George, Excelsior, Kingston College and Lister Mair School for the Deaf get instructions on how they must behave inside the cave from scout master Tony Cowen. man with the beard is Father Hoe Owens who was their…

Children from St. Ann at Puerto Seco Beach

Some of the over 300 children from all over the parish of St. Ann who recently attended a special session of "Story Hour" held at Puerto Seco Beach, co-sponsored by the St. Ann Parish Library and Kaiser Bauxite Company. "Story Hour" is a regular…

Youngsters arriving at Fort Clarence Beach for the Annual Summer Youth treat

"J.O.S. helps too: Youngster arriving Fort Clarence for the Annual Summer Youth treat at Fort Clarence Beach for children living in custodial care at places of safety and children's homes. The programme is jointly sponsored by the Hellshire Bay…

Youngster at Fort Clarence Beach during Summer Youth Programme

"An assistant on the Summer Youth Programme at Fort Clarence Beach, Hellshire, got down to the problem with this thumb sucking little miss from the Nest, and soon had her cheerful again. Over 1,500 youngsters from the Places of Safety, and children's…

Kids on the Summer Youth Treat enjoying ice cream

"Ice cream is delicious anywhere you have it but this group of kids on the Summer Youth treat thought perhaps that with all the wind and sand around this wall was the ideal place to sit for a breather and ice cream."