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Hugh Bailey

"Little Hugh, both parents in jail."

School children loading bus

"A typical scene where school children gather around the entrance of a JOS bus."

Clifford Campbell

"Mini-fair: The Kiwanis Club of Kingston, in association with the Rennock Lodge Parent-Teacher Association, sponsored a Mini-Fair at Rennock Lodge School on Saturday, December 14. Proceeds of the event will go towards repairs to, and replacement of…

Joyce Campbell

"Joyce Campbell demonstrates a dance movement."

Adella Campbell

"It rough, it really rough," said Adella Campbell yesterday. With her were Denise 9; Sandra 12; Dawn 6; Nadine 4; Anthony 2; Robert (in his mothers arms) 1 year and four months and Curtis 11. Miss Campbell needs a room for herself and her children."

Kiddies Carnival

Children, dressed in costumes, enjoying themselves at Kiddies Carnival.

A nurse dresses the cut

A nurse, assisted by an older boy, renders care to a boy who has injured his knee.

Portrait of a little boy

A photograph or a little boy grinning.

Two children standing

A boy and girl stand barefooted together, on a dirt road.

Children weighing corks

Young children using a balance scale to weigh metal corks. Other children are engaged in different activities at their desks.