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Clifford Campbell

"Mini-fair: The Kiwanis Club of Kingston, in association with the Rennock Lodge Parent-Teacher Association, sponsored a Mini-Fair at Rennock Lodge School on Saturday, December 14. Proceeds of the event will go towards repairs to, and replacement of…

Joyce Campbell

"Joyce Campbell demonstrates a dance movement."

Adella Campbell

"It rough, it really rough," said Adella Campbell yesterday. With her were Denise 9; Sandra 12; Dawn 6; Nadine 4; Anthony 2; Robert (in his mothers arms) 1 year and four months and Curtis 11. Miss Campbell needs a room for herself and her children."

Kiddies Carnival

Children, dressed in costumes, enjoying themselves at Kiddies Carnival.

A nurse dresses the cut

A nurse, assisted by an older boy, renders care to a boy who has injured his knee.

Portrait of a little boy

A photograph or a little boy grinning.

Two children standing

A boy and girl stand barefooted together, on a dirt road.

Children weighing corks

Young children using a balance scale to weigh metal corks. Other children are engaged in different activities at their desks.

Oral immunization against polio

"Oral immunization against polio is being given this child by School Nurse Mrs. Dian Campbell. He is among the hundreds who were immunized in Kingston and St. Andrew during the summer holidays."