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Dean Fraser of Lloyd Parkes' 'We the People Band'

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"We The People Band seen delighting the crowd. Saxophonist Dean Fraser (third from right) exciting the crowd in one of his solo acts."

Richmond Culture Band

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Sugar Belly

"Sugar Belly Mento band, who won the lone Gold Medal awarded in the National Music Festival in Mento, giving a performance they had to repeat for the thrilled audience."

Police parade

Jamaica Constabulary Force band playing musical instruments at a parade. Bystanders are observing.

Police band at Sheraton

Police band entertaining at the Sheraton-Kingston Hotel.

Sonny Bradshaw's band

Cecil "Sonny" Bradshaw and his band members playing their musical instruments.

Sav-la-mar brass band

Member of the "Sav-la-mar Brass Band" photographed, each holding their musical instrument.

A little one gets a try on the drums

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"A little try: The little one gets a try on the drum under the guidance of 'drum master' Bongo Herman during his performance at the August 5 concert."