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Children watching Newton Jackson perform

"For his community - The children are delighted with the performance of one of their elders, Newton Jackson, whom they affectionately call "Mash-Up". He put on his act last Wednesday when he and other members of his community staged a concert for…

Ranny performing at JAMAL month concert, September 1978

Jamaican comedian, Ranny Williams, performing onstage at a Jamaican Movement for the Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL) concert.

Pop and variety contestant George Williams

"Pop and variety contestant George Williams caught in his balancing act with a lighted torch on his head. He stands on top of a chair held up by three Pepsi Cola bottles."

Sugar Belly

"After work, they played: Sugar Belly (at right) seen blowing his horn at the Jamaica House Labour Day concert on Monday. While he blew, Michael Pouyatt at left had the audience cheering to his impressive leg work."

Sugar Belly

"Sugar Belly Mento band, who won the lone Gold Medal awarded in the National Music Festival in Mento, giving a performance they had to repeat for the thrilled audience."

Ruddy Thomas (right) and Louis Lepke

Jamaican musicians Ruddy Thomas (right) and Louis Lepkey, posing for a photograph.