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Lola Parkinson who plays Miss Birdie and Andre Broon who plays Washie

"The 500th episode of Life in Hopeful Village, the dramatic JIS Radio series about rural life in Jamaica, was shown last month, marking ten years since the first episode was broadcast. Life in Hopeful Village was introduced by Elaine Perkins, and…

Mr. Reggie Carter

Jamaican actor and journalist, Reggie Carter, in character.

One of the many faces of Reggie Carter

"One of the many faces of Reggie Carter, winner of the Drama Critics' Award for Best Actor for the past 2 years. This is how he appeared when he "stood in" for Peter Haley in the role of Teddy, (who thinks he's President Roosevelt) Brewster last week…

Rooney Chamber,s president of the Advest Agency Association

Actor, director and president of the Advest Agency Association, Mr. Rooney Chambers.

Rooney Chambers

Rooney Chambers photographed during a dramatic performance.

Rooney Chambers

A portrait of actor, Rooney Chambers.