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Children at Ward Theatre

"The attention of these young ones is taken by the cast of the LTM pantomime "The Twelve Million Dollar Man" which they had the opportunity of seeing recently through the generosity of the Trades Union Congress. The TUC booked the Ward Theatre for an…

Rooney Chambers

Actor and director, Rooney Chambers, working in his office.


David Carty

"David Carty, who plays Jerry in Edward Albee's play 'The Zoo Story', the Carib Theatre Workshop Production for Tallawah '73."

Louise Bennett as Miss Clair

" "Ball woman ball:" Miss Clair (Louise Bennett cries over the memory of her daughter Liza. (Left to right) Neville Willoughby, Oliver Samuels, Faith D'Aguilar, and Lois Kelly-Barrow in 'Come Home to Jamaica..' "

Ms Lou & husband with young man smiling

Louise Bennett-Coverley dressed in bandana outfit. She is smiling with an unnamed young man while her husband, Eric Coverley, stands behind her.

Hyatt, Charles

Candid photograph of Jamaican actor, author and playwright, Charles Hyatt, with a beverage in hand.