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Desnoes and Geddes treat children in Majestic Gardens

"Some 800 children in the Majestic Gardens area were feted at a Desnoes and Geddes-sponsored treat at the Community Centre recently. Organised by personnel of St. Andrew Settlement and headed by Mr. Don Levy and D&G staffers, the children were given…

Church service to mark IYC's beginning

"Children participating in the service which officially marked the beginning of International Youth Council (IYC). The offering collected was donated to a children's organization."

Kampuchean refugee children eating at the refugee centre in Pinom

"Thailand/Refugee Camp /79 - Kampuchean refugee children eat their food on the spot shortly after relief food distribution at the Refugee Transit Centre in Phnom Penh."


West Indian couple & child, Jamaica

Family portrait of a man, sitting, with his wife and child standing on either side of him.

A little one gets a try on the drums

d_0007636_A little one gets on the drum.jpg
"A little try: The little one gets a try on the drum under the guidance of 'drum master' Bongo Herman during his performance at the August 5 concert."

A settler's house

Front view of a settler's house with a small vineyard in the front yard. A few children are looking out on the veranda.

Home sweet home, Jamaica

Mother and child sitting outside their hut. It is made of wattle and daub walls and thatched roof and has a thatched roof.

Hospital school handing over

"Hospital school handing over: First Chicago Bank Manager Gladstone Meeks (standing) handed over a school which has been started at the Children's Hospital to aid the hospital's little patients. The projects was started in conjunction with the…

N.Y.S. worker Madge Bolt

"N.Y.S. (National Youth Service) worker Madge Bolt (left) presents $200 cash for the children's ward at University Hospital, Colin Morris, 5 (right) and Keston White, 11 receive the money which will be used to help build up play areas. Plans include…