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Pupils of Rowe's Studio of Dancing

Barry Moncrieffe and other pupils of Rowe's Studio of Dancing, captured during their dance routines.

Soohih School - Melani and Washington Chen

d_0008414_soohih_school_ melani_washington_chen.jpg
Melani and Washington Chen, ballet dancers from the Soohih School of Dance, directed by Madame May Soohih.

JDC returning from tour in Toronto

"Dance company returns from Toronto tour - The 36-strong newly formed Jamaica Dance Company (JDC) returned last Sunday from week-long tour of Toronto where they gave a series of lecture demonstrations for school children, dance workshops for…

JDC during dance rehearsal

"Photo shows: Jackie Guy (second left) rehearsing Dawn Hardie, Ruddy Campbell and Carol Levy, in his new work, ''Suite no. 4'."

The JDC doing dance rehearsal

"Dawn Hardy, the bride to be, is held aloft by Orville Orr, Adrian Fletcher and Carol Levy, in a scene from 'Country Wedding'. Scene is last Sunday's pre-departure rehearsal of the Jamaica Dance Company. The company leaves on Sunday for Toronto,…

Dance groups - U.S.

"Futuristic swirl: Members of the Alvin Mikolais Dance Theatre clad in 'science fiction' costumes, rehearse at New York University recently. The modern dance troupe will perform to electronic music."

Dance groups - Thailand

"Germans and Thais hold annual reunion in Stuttgart: These graceful Thai dancers were well received at a hotel in Stuttgart, Federal Republic of German-Thai Association, which combined European and Asian music, dancing and cuisine. The association,…

London contemporary dance

"London Contemporary Dance Theatre in the Bronze.
Choreography: Namron
Music: Pink Floyd
Dancers: Celia Hulton, Namron"