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Miss Jamaica, Patsy Yuen helped brighten the annual KSAC treat by distributing Christmas presents

"The Queen and the kids: One tiny tot comes in for special attention from Miss Jamaica, Patsy Yuen, at the Jamaica House part on Thursday for children from Maxfield Children's Home. Miss Yuen helped brighten the annual KSAC treat by distributing…

Playing in the yard at 72 Hagley Park Road

"Where do the children play? In the yard, behind the house that has been approved as a "Place of Safety" for young, homeless, retarded and misled Jamaican children, at 72 Hagley Park Road."

Youngsters arriving at Fort Clarence Beach for the Annual Summer Youth treat

"J.O.S. helps too: Youngster arriving Fort Clarence for the Annual Summer Youth treat at Fort Clarence Beach for children living in custodial care at places of safety and children's homes. The programme is jointly sponsored by the Hellshire Bay…

Youngster at Fort Clarence Beach during Summer Youth Programme

"An assistant on the Summer Youth Programme at Fort Clarence Beach, Hellshire, got down to the problem with this thumb sucking little miss from the Nest, and soon had her cheerful again. Over 1,500 youngsters from the Places of Safety, and children's…

Kids on the Summer Youth Treat enjoying ice cream

"Ice cream is delicious anywhere you have it but this group of kids on the Summer Youth treat thought perhaps that with all the wind and sand around this wall was the ideal place to sit for a breather and ice cream."

Cart wheels

"Cart wheels anyone? Youngsters on the Summer Youth Programme at Fort Clarence Beach abandon themselves to fun and gaiety. Turning cart wheels is just another of the activities they find time to do so. Here boys from the Olivier Place of Safety "do…

Country singer Johnny Cash

"Country singer, Johnny Cash, has donated thousands of dollars over the past three years to the SOS Children's Village, at Barrett Town, near Montego Bay. Whenever he is in Montego Bay, he always takes time out to visit the village and play with the…