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Lucea Court House

A view of the Lucea Court House (Lucea Town Hall) in Hanover, Jamaica.

Great Valley house

A view of the two-storey dwelling on the Great Valley sugar estate in Hanover.

Old fort and guns, Lucea

Postcard with an image of forts and guns in Lucea, Hanover's capital town.

Chigwell, Hanover

"Following two weeks of rain, ponds at Chigwell, Hanover which flooded the area in June 1979, are again rising. Staff from the Water Resources Unit of the Ministry of Local Government and local residents visited the area on Friday [October 16].…

Chigwell, Hanover

"You may think they're rafting on the Rio Grande. But this is a section of the huge lake that now surrounds the remote district of Chigwell in Central Hanover. As the water continues to rise, more and more citizens in the area resorting to rafts for…

Johnson Town

"In a way, Johnson Town citizen, Israel Kerr is lucky. After all, four of his neighbours lost their homes. He did not. And when, during the rains over the week-end, high seas removed his latrine from its base in his backyard, he was able to retain it…

A badly damaged house in Hanover

Three men stand by a section of a house in Hanover that has been almost completely damaged by earthquake in 1957.