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Members of a commune harvest grains

"At top left members of a commune in Suchien county, Kiangsu province, garner their grain harvest."

Ms. Pauline Petinaud in African flavor dress

"Sister P - Pauline Petinaud and her associated have taken over the Trans-Caribbean [Ironshore] beach and are busy puttin together a village with a distinct African flavour. Called the Damali Aitoro Village, the concept is to create an atmosphere of…

Native wedding party

A photograph of a large bridal party for a native wedding. They are standing by a hut.

Resting after a day's work on banana field

A peasant family resting by a hut after a day's work on the banana field.

Small village with occupants

East Indian villagers standing in village, near huts with thatched roofs.

The barber

A barber grooming his client's hair outside a hut.

Refugee camp

Cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping activities taking place at a temporary shelter, set up in Kingston after earthquake and fire in Kingston.