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Rafael Rodriques

Sir Howard Cooke greets Carlos Rafael Rodriques, Cuban politician and economist, at an airport.

Portrait of Alva Ross

A portrait of Alva Ross, Jamaican politician who was a member of Parliament, a Local Government minister and a speaker in the House of Representatives.

Horace Clarke and conductress

"Transport Minister Horace Clarke Clarke paying his fare to conductress Verona Brown before beginning the tour of the new 38 bus route to Havendale and Meadowbrook yesterday."

Victory J type bus

"The original: photograph shows original configuration of Victory J type bus wind-shield area. Note the curved glass."

Leonard Whilby

"Congratulations and well done says Maurice Denton [right] Kaiser Bauxite Company's Superintendent, Property and Land Transactions, as he presents the Kaiser Award to Mr. Leonard Whilby, champion farmer, Class A [1-10] acres in the Jamaica…

Sasso, R.S. - Royal Bank

"Finance Minister Coore signs the loan agreement. Representatives of the commercial banks included [from left] C. Henriques of Scotia, Don Banks of Barclays and R.S. Sasso of Royal Bank."

Parliamentary Secretary in Agriculture Ministry Derrick Sangster

"Invitation: Parliamentary Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry Derrick Sangster inviting surveyors to make their input in the development of the country. Scene at the Land Surveyors Association luncheon at the Hotel Four Seasons Hotel in St. Andrew…

Derrick Sangster

Parliamentary Secretary in Agriculture Ministry Derrick Sangster and Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell.

Roy Salter

"Inspecting the plan: Health Minister Douglas Manley (left) looking at the plan for the upgrading of the Hagley Park Health Clinic. With him are Colgate-Palmolive Company managing Director, Roy Salters (centre) and architect Hal Lawson."

Karl Samuda

Mr. Karl Samuda, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health, and Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell.