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Con Pink at Scarborough Basic School

"As part of their community projects the Kaiser Bauxite Company recently completed renovation of the Scarborough Basic School near this load-out facilities at Water Valley. When Kaiser's Supervisor of Employee Welfare and Community Activities, Mr.…

Secretary General Fay Saunders

"Secretary General's address: JTA's Secretary General Fay Saunders as she addressed the annual general meeting of the Association of Administrative Staff of Educational Institutions held at the Meadowbrook High School yesterday."

Nazareth Primary School

A long shot view of the Nazareth Primary School in Maidenstone, Manchester. with a hillside in the background

Nazareth Primary School

Exterior view of building and grounds of the Nazareth Primary School in rural Manchester, Jamaica. A car is parked in front of the building, persons are standing on staircase at the left and on the ground at right of building.