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A farm showing banana and coconut trees

Banana, coconut and other trees and plants on a farm.

Silk cotton tree

Drawing of a mature silk cotton tree.

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View from Castleton

A view of the landscape at Castleton, St. Mary. There is also a distant view of a long dirt road and buildings in the valley.

Vaughan's Field Estate

Landscape photograph of Vaughan's Field Estate in St. James, Jamaica.

Two storey garden house

Domestic workers standing outside a two-storey dwelling.

Two men in banana plantation

Two labourers working on a banana plantation. One is observing as the other chops down a banana tree with a machete.

A Negro boy, Jamaica

A young man posing on the edge of a concrete pond with a fountain at the center. He is holding a fruit in his hands and is lying beside a straw hat filled with fruits.

One hundred and eleven ships Port Henderson, Jamaica

Photograph captioned "One hundred and eleven ships, Port Henderson, Jamaica" with three Caucasian men, dressed in suits and hats, sitting in a bushy area.