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2nd West India Regiment (regulars)

Group photograph of the 2nd West India Regiment musical band members with their instruments.

Football team

Group photograph of the West India Regiment football team.

Men's Quarters, Camp

The men's quarters at the campgrounds in Kingston, Jamaica after the 1907.

Supply of transport, Lt. Mackfield

Lt. Mackfield, West India Regiment officer with responsibility for transportation.

Sierra Leone, 1892

Group photograph of West India Regiment officers in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Sierra Leone, 1892

Standing (l-r): Capt. Marshall, Lt. McDonald, Capt. Nelson, Lt. Cowie, Lt. Tredgold, Capt. Norris, Capt. Bourke, 2nd Lt. Langlands, Capt. Roberts, Lt. Col. Ellis, Capt. Bor, 2nd Lt. Liston Seated (l-r): 2nd Lt. Morley, Lt. Kennedy, Lt. Wright, Lt.…

Recruiting, commenced 1905

Scores of men being recruited for the West India Regiment in 1905.