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Wrecked dwelling house, Kingston (after earthquake 1907)

Damage, caused by the 1907 earthquake, to the front of a house in Kingston.

Warehouse near market made roofless after earthquake

d_0007683_warehouse_ market_earthquake.jpg
Rubble of zinc, bricks and other material, on the site of a flattened warehouse near the Victoria Market after the 1907 earthquake.

A wholesale and retail store, known all over Jamaica as McNish Ltd.

The ruined wholesale and retail store, McNish Ltd., after the 1907 earthquake.

Camps - Swallowfield, after earthquake

Demolished buildings at the Swallowfield military camp in Kingston, Jamaica, by the 1907 earthquake. Several tents have been erected on the grounds.

Men's Quarters, Camp

The men's quarters at the campgrounds in Kingston, Jamaica after the 1907.

Camp Swallowfield

Sunken buildings, tilted structures, uplifted railway lines and destruction to other structures at the Swallowfield Camp in Kingston, after the passing of the earthquake in 1907.

Brigade Office

Views of the ruined Brigade Office, the Army Service Corps offices and other buildings on the West India Regiment Camp in Jamaica, after the 1907 earthquake.

Ruins of building

Ruined military buildings after the 1907 earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica.