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Victoria Battery, Port Royal

A view of the partially sunken cartridge store in Port Royal, Jamaica.

Smith shop and workshop Port Royal, after earthquake

Photograph showing a building with broken windows, cracked walls and other structural damages, from the 1907 earthquake in Port Royal, Kingston.

Structure partly submerged after 1907 earthquake, Port Royal

Photograph of a structure that became partially submerged in the sea after the 1907 earthquake. Two men are standing on the shore and one is sitting on the structure.

Myrtle Bank, back view

Damage to the back of Kingston's Myrtle Bank Hotel following earthquake on January 14, 1907.

St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church situated along Tower Street, Kingston, after being flattened by earthquake in 1907.

The old Synagogue Princess St.

Earthquake damaged Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue situated on Princess Street. It was built in 1750.