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Chief of staff house, Port Royal, back view

A soldier and a woman stand by a section of the Chief of Staff's house that has sustained significant damage from the 1907 earthquake. There is a gaping hole where the brick wall and roof have broken down and there is a heap of rubble on the ground.

Manchester - Clarendon border

"Clearing the way: Joslyn Cole (left) and Benjamin Parker clearing the road of debris is at Whitney Turn near the Clarendon-Manchester border Tuesday. Mr. Parker told the Daily News that he lost five goats in the heavy rains."

Moonlight City - Hunts Bay, St. Andrew

"The mud hole where a gully used to be: This is a flooded section of Moonlight City in the Hunts Bay area of Lower St. Andrew where debris has blocked the gully forcing water into homes."

St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church situated along Tower Street, Kingston, after being flattened by earthquake in 1907.

The Theatre

Theatre Royal, located at the northern side of Parade in Kingston, captured after earthquake of 1907. A large rubble of bricks and other material have piled up at the front of the building.

Warehouse near market made roofless after earthquake

d_0007683_warehouse_ market_earthquake.jpg
Rubble of zinc, bricks and other material, on the site of a flattened warehouse near the Victoria Market after the 1907 earthquake.