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Charles Phillips fertilized garden

"Total concept: After using pig manure to make cooking gas Charles Phillips fertilises his garden with the residue. On Saturday this garden nearby the piggery was a lush and verdant green. Running across the picture is the wire which carries the…

Charles Phillips making gas from pig manure

"Charles Phillips making cooking gas from pig manure."

Filter and storage tank for methane

"Filter and storage: This is the filter and storage tank for methane (cooking gas) which is being made from pig manure."

Electrical Engineer Charles Phillips reading the meter of his methane gas regulator

"Local methane: Electrical engineer - Charles Phillips reading the meter of his methane gas regulator. The two cylinders are called digestors. Pig manure are placed inside to begin the process for producing cooking gas."

Biogas plant on farm

"Going up in gas: The sun was on spot to see the first attempt to light the farm's biogas plant. At left is Dr. Lee of the Scientific Research Council, supervisor of the project's overseas operation. The farm will use its own manure to produce the…

Alternative Energy - Biogas plant on the farm at the Mona rehabilitation institute

"Alternative energy: A biogas plant situated on the farm at the Mona Rehabilitation Institute. The plant, recently completed and put into the operation, was constructed by the Scientific Research Council, funded by the European Economic Commission…