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Charles Phillips fertilized garden

"Total concept: After using pig manure to make cooking gas Charles Phillips fertilises his garden with the residue. On Saturday this garden nearby the piggery was a lush and verdant green. Running across the picture is the wire which carries the…

The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment

" 'Fauning' over flora: The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment hardly has room for people. Her potted plants have taken over, and now they're even invading the living area.
The place is a profusion of staghorn fern, baby's breath, palm,…

Palms and thatch to beautify corner King and Tower Streets

Palm trees decorating the garden at the corner of King and Tower Streets. The Supreme Court building can also be viewed.

Pat Burke

Pat Burke displaying "a beautiful specimen of the hibiscus - the pink exora flower.

Two storey garden house

Domestic workers standing outside a two-storey dwelling.


Garden view at the West India Regiment camp.