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The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment

" 'Fauning' over flora: The balcony of Laurel Peart's Kingston apartment hardly has room for people. Her potted plants have taken over, and now they're even invading the living area.
The place is a profusion of staghorn fern, baby's breath, palm,…

The West India flower girl

A West Indian woman, wearing a checkered shawl and headwrap, holds out a dish with flowers towards two women. The woman wearing a broad rimmed hat has taken one of the flowers to smell. A boy, seated at the entrance of a nearby building, is watching…

The West Indian Court, Crystal Palace Colonial Exhibition, 1905

Jamaican exhibition at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, held at Crystal Palace in the summer of 1905.

Florist at work in art exhibition

Plants being arranged in front of the "Revolt" painting from the Guyana Collection by Aubrey Williams.


A picture of a red poinsettia.

Dr. Paul Chen-Young

"Dr. Paul Cheng Young, General Manager of the Workers Savings and Loan Bank Limited, who was in Britain very recently as a guest of the Government caught admiring the spring daffodils near his hotel in Grosvenor Square, London. His extensive…

Miss Lou, Eric and two others on her wedding day

Newlyweds Louise Bennett-Coverley and Eric Coverley standing between two elderly women at their wedding reception. The head table has a wedding cake and vases with flowers.


The poinsettia plant - widely used decoratively during the Christmas period.