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Jamaica's Poet Laureate, Lorna Goodison

Lorna Goodison, Jamaica's second Poet Laureate since Independence, giving an address at theWorld Poetry Day Celebration and Award Ceremony hosted by the National Library of Jamaica.

Donna Hope, author and professor

Professor Donna Hope, one of the panelists at the 2019 Reggae Sumfest Symposium held at Mona Visitors' Lodge.

Author & scholar, Professor Carolyn Cooper, with copy of her book

Professor Carolyn Cooper with a copy of her book at the 2019 Reggae Sumfest Symposium held at the Mona Visitors' Lodge.

W.A. Roberts as president of the Jamaica Historical Society

Walter Adolphe Roberts, (centre with hat in hand), exiting a church with clergy member, military personnel and others.

Poets Lorna Goodison and Edward Baugh

Lorna Goodison and Edward Baugh at the World Poetry Day Celebration & Award Ceremony hosted by the National Library of Jamaica.

Charles Hyatt as Joe in "Love Thy Neighbour"

"Jamaican actor Charles Hyatt plays Joe in "Love Thy Neighbour", a Hammer picture for Anglo-EMI which opens in London today. This is a large-screen version of the successful version of the successful Independent Television Comedy Series of the same…

Charles Hyatt masquerading

" 'The Ginnal' (Charles Hyatt) masquerading as Professor F. Fortes que Smythe in the hilarious musical pantomime "Cindy" which opens in Mandeville this Sunday March 18."

Charles Hyatt singing a song

"Charles Hyatt describes the preposterous gnu in a song from "Two's a Crowd" playing at the Way Out Theatre, Jamaica Pegasus. Charles and Janet Bartley play "a crowd" of 42 characters in a "lively look at love and other diversions." "