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'Miss KSAC' contestants making a courtesy call on Mayor Ryan Peralto

"Contestants in this years "Miss K.S.A.C." contest made a courtesy call on His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Ryan George Peralto (right) on Friday July 3, at his King Street offices.

The call on the Mayor was a part of their round of…

Mr. Clinton Pickering

Portrait of Mr. Clinton Pickering, journalist.

Joint presentations including Clinton Pickering

"Joint presentation: Jaycees of Jamaica Public Relations Officer, Clinton W. Pickering [centre] and Montego Bay Jaycees Vice-President Carol Haughton [right] make a joint presentation of 90 dozen children's toothbrushes to the Catherine Hall Dental…

Tony Patel

Mr. Tony Patel, journalist and former boys scout from Wolmers’ High School.

Mr. Reggie Carter

Jamaican actor and journalist, Reggie Carter, in character.

One of the many faces of Reggie Carter

"One of the many faces of Reggie Carter, winner of the Drama Critics' Award for Best Actor for the past 2 years. This is how he appeared when he "stood in" for Peter Haley in the role of Teddy, (who thinks he's President Roosevelt) Brewster last week…