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Audley Butler presenting award to Miss Lou

"Founders kiss: Here Miss Lou is rewarded with a kiss by Audley Butler, another of the Founding Members of NDTC who was honoured on Founders Night. Mr. Butler, former Ballet Master, resides in Florida."

Ring Ding with Miss Lou

Miss Lou photographed with children during airing of "Ring Ding" on Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (JBC).

Louise Bennett as Miss Clair

" "Ball woman ball:" Miss Clair (Louise Bennett cries over the memory of her daughter Liza. (Left to right) Neville Willoughby, Oliver Samuels, Faith D'Aguilar, and Lois Kelly-Barrow in 'Come Home to Jamaica..' "

Louise Bennett

Miss Lou standing by plants and a stone wall.

Louise Bennett

Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett captured mid speech. She is wearing a bandana dress and head wrap.

Louise Bennett

Louise Bennett-Coverley seated in her yard.

Louise Bennett

Portrait of Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett-Coverley.

Louise Bennett with basket on head

Miss Lou wearing traditional bandana dress with large basket on her head.