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The West India flower girl

A West Indian woman, wearing a checkered shawl and headwrap, holds out a dish with flowers towards two women. The woman wearing a broad rimmed hat has taken one of the flowers to smell. A boy, seated at the entrance of a nearby building, is watching…

Ivy Baxter addressing group

Ivy Baxter, Jamaican dance pioneer, addressing a group of women.

Women with baskets

Two young women carrying baskets.

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Home sweet home, Jamaica

Mother and child sitting outside their hut. It is made of wattle and daub walls and thatched roof and has a thatched roof.

Bellevue Hospital sleeping woman

"Sleep of the mad…This woman is caught sleeping in the walkway. Her pants have been destroyed and there is no replacement."

Yvette Hussey

"Yvette Hussey in her role as make up artist, doing a job on Calvin Lockhart."

Pearl Boyd

Face portrait of Pearl Boyd.

Leslie Boxer

"Leslie Boxer 2nd in Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful Contest 1978."

J.W. Bollard

d_0006899_bollard_ jw.jpg
A female officer being presented with a certificate.

Shirin Boman

Smiling portrait of Shirin Boman.