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Village merry making

Villagers merry making in the island of St. Vincent, with dancers and musicians. In the background is the landscape with huts on a hill.

Gut River, Manchester

Thatch roofed cottages and a zinc roofed shop with a front veranda.

Ms. Pauline Petinaud in African flavor dress

"Sister P - Pauline Petinaud and her associated have taken over the Trans-Caribbean [Ironshore] beach and are busy puttin together a village with a distinct African flavour. Called the Damali Aitoro Village, the concept is to create an atmosphere of…

Huts near Bushy Park

A family of Indian descent in Bushy Park, St. Catherine, stands outside their wattle and daub hut with thatched roof.

Village in Sankwia, Gambia

A view of the Sankwia village in Gambia, West Africa, showing its villagers and dwellings.