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Professor Efrain Paesky, chief of the OAS' Technical Unit on Music and Professor Rex Nettleford

"Professor Efrain Paesky, Chief of the OAS' Technical Unit of Music, and Professor Rex Nettleford, Artistic Director of the NDTC, in the control booth at the recent session in Kingston at which the NDTC singers recorded 19 Caribbean folk songs for an…

Mr. Neil Patterson

St. Catherine's finalist in JCDC's Deejay Show, Neil Patterson.

Pamela O'Gorman, director of music

Australian-born musician, music-educator and critic - Pamela O'Gorman, . She was a musical educator and director at the musical unit of University of the West Indies, Mona.

Folk singing from the Howard and Deer duet

"Folk-singing from the Howard and Deer duet was taken indoors during their performance. They are seen here on a male Ward presenting a number."

KPH Concert

"KPH Concert: The popular Caribbean folk-singing duet, Howard and Deer, seen giving a concert for patients of the Kingston Public Hospital. The concert, now a regular Sunday afternoon feature, is another highlight in the series of events…

Village merry making

Villagers merry making in the island of St. Vincent, with dancers and musicians. In the background is the landscape with huts on a hill.

Barbara Bolan

Jazz musicians, led by Barbara Bolan, play in a band.

Jacob Miller wowing the big crowds at the Tastee concert

"Jacob Miller wowing the big crowd at the Tastee concert last Thursday. The large crowd which turned up for the re-opening of the popular monthly shows was treated to a variety programme featuring the In Crowd Band, Al Brown, Sonny Wong, Prince…