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A colonial harbour

Depiction of a harbour in Jamaica, during colonial times.

Constant Spring Hotel

The historic Constant Spring Hotel, built in 1887. This image shows the original design before being destroyed by fire.

Garrison Port Royal

Buildings on the grounds of the Port Royal garrison.

Port Royal Ja.

Aerial view of a section of Port Royal showing the landscape and buildings by the harbour.

Sierra Leone, 1892

Standing (l-r): Capt. Marshall, Lt. McDonald, Capt. Nelson, Lt. Cowie, Lt. Tredgold, Capt. Norris, Capt. Bourke, 2nd Lt. Langlands, Capt. Roberts, Lt. Col. Ellis, Capt. Bor, 2nd Lt. Liston Seated (l-r): 2nd Lt. Morley, Lt. Kennedy, Lt. Wright, Lt.…

Dinners up Depot, WIR, Jamaica 1905

Officers walking with food items for dinner to be at the West India Regiment Depot in Kingston, Jamaica.