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Port Antonio

A section of Portland's capital town, Port Antonio, with a view of Navy Island and Monkey (Pellew) Island.

Port Antonio

An overhead view from Titchfield, of commercial and public buildings in Portland's capital town, Port Antonio. In the distance, the Portland Parish Church can be seen and to the left, near the foreground, is the Port Antonio Courthouse.

Norman Manley Boulevard, Kingston

d_0009165_norman manley blvd.JPG
Interceptor barriers for collecting plastic debris from the harbour by the Norman Manley Boulevard, near Rae Town gully in Kingston.

Norman Manley Boulevard, Kingston

Road from Norman Manley Boulevard, approaching the commercial district of Downtown, Kingston.

Street in Port Antonio

Street scene in the town of Port Antonio, Portland. The American Cigar Store, David Cato and Co. as well as the wholesale and retail store, D.A. Carter General Dealer, are located along the street.

View in Spanish Town

Drawing of a section of Spanish Town, St. Catherine, in the vicinity of Old Kings House, emancipation square.